American Made Jewelry

From raw material to finished product. Because we have the ability to control the process from start to finish in our own in store mini factory we able to offer truly American made products. From the Cad-Cam design through the CNC wax and on to casting, polishing and setting the Diamonds and Colored Gems the benefit of local production is in our hands.

 Being a third generation jewelry professional with decades of experience allows for D&V to provide you with the benefit to be involved in the creation of heirloom quality jewelry capable of withstanding generations of use. By combining new technology and personal attention to detail we offer an American made jewelry item that will out preform mass produced one of a million type jewelry.

Established in 1992 D&VJewelers was located in Westgate for 23 years, in the spring of 2015 we opened in our new location near Parkstown Restaurant & Lounge. At our new store we have streamlined our operations but still manufacture jewelry according to our customers desire for personalized one of a kind jewelry often containing Diamond and Colored Gems from jewelry pieces they no longer wear or need to update from past generations.




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